Graduating student videos, prominent alumni and class photos

Graduating students:

Graduating students - School of Performance 2014 [STREAM]

Graduating students - School of DMTA 2014 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2016 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2017 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2018 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2019 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2020 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2021 [STREAM]

Graduating students - both Schools 2021 [VIMEO]
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Rose Bruford Alumni:

Prominent alumni in alphabetic list (but alumni prominent in DMTA fields have a list of their own)

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Rose Bruford alumni - DMTA 

Rose Bruford alumni & staff - theatre companies

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Rose Bruford alumni - our musical talent

Rose Bruford alumni - our comedic talent

Rose Bruford alumni - fantasy, science fiction & the end of the world

Rose Bruford alumni - Africa and the Caribbean

Class of series

Class of ... series

Talks and speeches [YouTube]:

      Honorary talks and speeches (YouTube)

1.   Sir Richard Eyre annual President's talk [77mins] (2015)

2.   Sir Ian McKellen interviewed by Sir Richard Eyre [88mins] (1st June 2016)

3.   Sir Ian McKellen in conversation with Sir Richard Eyre [85mins] (2nd June 2016) 

4.   Sir Quentin Blake admitted as Honorary Fellow [2mins] (September 2016)

5.   Murray Melvin's 'Words of wisdom' when admitted as Honorary Fellow [3mins] (September 2016) 

6.   Rosalie Craig admitted as Fellow [5mins] (September 2016) 

7.   Sheila Reid admitted as Fellow [6mins] (September 2016) 

8.   Wyllie Longmore admitted as Fellow [2mins] (September 2016) 

9.   Andi Watson admitted as Honorary Fellow [4mins] (September 2016) 

10. Roger Chapman admitted as Fellow [3mins] (September 2016) 

11. David Rodigan MBE admitted as Fellow [4mins] (September 2017) 

12. Hayley Squires admitted as Fellow [3mins] (September 2017) 

13. Sir John Tomlinson 'sing along' when admitted as Honorary Fellow [2mins] (September 2017) 

14. Sir John Tomlinson admitted as Honorary Fellow [5mins] (September 2017) 

15. Jeremy Harrison and Paul Hart talk actor-musicianship [14mins] (January 2018)

16. Bernie Davis admitted as Honorary Fellow [4mins] (September 2018) 

17. Roger Simonsz admitted as Fellow [7mins] (September 2018) 

18. Jonathan Petherbridge admitted as Honorary Fellow [6mins] (September 2018) 

19. Bernardine Evaristo MBE admitted as Fellow [7mins] (September 2018) 

20. Tim Webb MBE admitted as Honorary Fellow [8mins] (September 2018) 

21. Dr. Mojisola Adebayo admitted as Honorary Fellow [8mins] (September 2019) 

22. Jessica Gunning admitted as Fellow [5mins] (September 2019) 

23. Dr Jorge Lopes Ramos admitted as Fellow [7mins] (September 2019)