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Audio visual collections

The Library's Audio-visual collections comprising DVDs, videos, CDs, cassettes and LPs,

The library has a large collection of DVDs, videos, CDs, cassettes and LPs.
The CDs include 100+ musicals, and about 100 CDs of world music, as well as items from singers and time period and of film music/sound tracks. There are a number of spoken word items and 100+ sound effects CDs.

DVDs are grouped by actor/actress, director or adaptation (from a novel or a play); as well as items on art, costume, dance, performance (circus, cabaret, sound, music, light), theatre and Shakespeare. There are some 100 musicals, a selection of documentaries, a collection of film and international films, and items on history (and historical drama). A section on genre covers comedy and horror, biography, and gay/lesbian themed films.

The Library has retained some 200+ videos, many commercially bought, where it has not yet been able to find the material in other formats.

The Library also has a collection of 150+ LPs that were deemed worthy of retention. Many of those are of twentieth-century poets reading their own works.

Audio-visual collections

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