Modern Drama Collection

Modern Drama Collection

A collection of 3600+ items of monologues and contemporary drama (1950+) from the USA, UK and around the world.

The Library has moved its holdings of late twentieth century plays into what is referred to as the Modern Drama Collection. It comprises some 3600+ items covering one-act plays, monologues, black and Asian play collections, gay and lesbian play collections, women’s play collections. It also houses drama from 1950+ for the United States, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) as well as Anglo-Indian, Anglo-Pakistani, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and a small collection of contemporary European plays in translation.


You can browse the stock using this spreadsheet. It is obviously not the best way to browse a collection, but some of you might find it useful. It is a long list, and reflects the stock at the time the report was created (c. June 2020).

Photo showing the layout of the Modern Drama Group Study room