Neurodiversity & the performing arts

Neurodiversity & the performing arts

Neurodiversity & mental health in the performing arts


Disability Arts Online
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ACAS: Neurodiversity at work

Spotlight: Acting with dyslexia

Graeae: Beyond Online
A new digital library of resources which includes new case-study videos showcasing the careers of Deaf and disabled artists, downloadable ‘how to’ resource guides and a three-part documentary with interviews and behind the scenes footage from Graeae’s last tour. All films are audio described, BSL interpreted and captioned.

Mental health in the performing arts:

Can the performing arts solve its mental health crisis? (Guardian, Feb 2017)
Mental health in the arts: are we talking about it enough? (Evening Standard, May 2018)
Musical theatre training and managing mental health (Associated Studios, 2020)
Out of character: how acting puts a mental strain on performers (The Conversation, Dec 2017)
Relationship between occupational demands and well-being of performing artists (Frontiers in Psychology, March 2019)
Supporting holistic wellbeing for performing artists ... (Frontiers in Psychology, Feb 2021)
Universal Music CEO David Joseph: Why I am standing up for difference (Evening Standard, June 2019)
We're not talking about this: actors spotlight industry's mental health stigma (Guardian, Oct 2018)
What support is there for mental health in theatre (Get into theatre, March 2019)

Books, articles, audio-visual:

Teaching strategies for neuro-diversity and dyslexia in actor training: sensing Shakespeare / Petronilla Whitfield (2020)
In stock in Main Library at 372.66 WHI
Book cover for Teaching strategies ...

Interview with the author

Dyslexia and drama / Helen Eadon (2005)
In stock in Main Library at 371.9144 EAD

Book cover for Dyslexia and drama

Daron Oram, ‘Losing sight of land: tales of dyslexia and dyspraxia in psychophysical actor training’
Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, volume 9, 1, 2018, pp. 53-67.

Dispatches: the dyslexia myth (DVD)

Dyslexia: beyond the myth (British Psychological Society)


Digital mind mapping

Tinted page overlays (Amazon)