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Plays & Scripts

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Playtexts and scripts

Many sources of playtexts can be found online through some of the resources the Library subscribes to:


The Library has a collection of some 11,000+ items in its Playsets collection. This is a collection where we have multiple copies of a play for use in a classroom or with a study group etc. These items cannot be reserved through the library catalogue in the normal way. Instead you will need to e-mail the library staff with details of the item(s) you require. Under current circumstances, if these items are needed for a group, we would ask that one member of the group, or the class tutor, e-mail us details of what is required and a list of the names to whom items should be issued. Items should then be collected by one person, or arrangements can be made to bring them to the classroom. The overriding aim here is to avoid the necessity of large numbers of students coming to the library to collect texts.

A list of the playsets available, along with cast sizes, can be found on an Excel spreadsheet:

For parties external to Rose Bruford we are happy to discuss loan of the library's playsets

Norwegian plays

In response to a student request we were sent a large number of play texts from the Norwegian playwright Maria Tryti Vennerød. 
Please note that any performance of the plays must be licenced through both Colombine and the translators’ respective agencies;
in the case of the play ‘Frank’, Casarotto & Ramsey.

Sara Israelsson
Dramaturg/Literary agent

Colombine Teaterförlag
Gaffelgränd 1A
SE-111 30 Stockholm

To access these please contact the College Librarian:

  • Frank / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. David Watson] (Jan 2010)
  • Girl in the soil / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Demian Vitanza]
  • Goliath / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. May-Brit Akerholt] (Sept 2018)
  • More / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Nick Norris] (July 2003)
  • National Test / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Nick Norris] (Oct 2010)
  • Neverland / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Nick Norris]
  • Pure nature / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Nick Norris]
  • Snow white / Maria Tryti Vennerød & Julian Skar [trans. May-Brit Akerholt]
  • White bear / Maria Tryti Vennerød [trans. Demian Vitanza]


The library has also acquired a number of what are called Multiplays.
For access to these please e-mail the College Librarian.


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