Stanislavski Centre for Contemporary Practice

Stanislavski Centre for Contemporary Practice

Academic research based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski

A home for both academic research and practice/performance events based upon the work of Konstantin Stanislavski

In 2007 the Stanislavski Centre was established as a unique initiative within the UK to create a focus for both scholarly and academic research, and practice/performance projects and events based on Stanislavski’s work; and launched officially in 2008 at the National Theatre with an exhibition of items from the College’s Stanislavski Collection. The late Professor Jean Benedetti, a former College Principal, was invited to be the Centre’s Patron, a fitting appointment given his reputation as the UK’s foremost Stanislavski scholar and the person who had brought the Collection to the institution. 

Stanislavski & Benedetti special collection: books, prints, photos

Stanislavski Studies (at Taylor & Francis)

Stanislavski Research Centre (at the University of Leeds)


Library display to accompany the Paul Fryer Professorial lecture, which took place at Rose Bruford College on Wednesday 19th April, 2017.


Also related to this collection is the Jean Benedetti archive.

Jean Benedetti 1939 – 2012, biographer of Konstantin Stanislavski, translator, director, dramatist, theatre and acting historian. The papers of Jean Benedetti consist of scripts, research, translation, book contracts, reviews, correspondence, photos, Russian book collection, posters and ephemera.
More information can be found at Jean Benedetti Archive