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Game of Thrones

Head shot of Susan Brown as Septa Mordana  Susan Brown (Class of 1968 ) as Septa Mordana
Susan Brown (far left) as Septa Mordana in Game of Thrones

Robert Pugh (Class of 1976) as Craster (in Seasons 2 and 3)

Craster was a wilding who lived north of the Wall in a fortified homestead, rather grandly called Craster’s Keep, along with his wives and daughters. When his daughters grew old enough he married them and then incestuously fathered new children with them. At the time of the War of the Five Kings he had nineteen wives.

I think we can confidently say that he didn’t learn that at Rose Bruford College!

   Robert Pugh as Craster

Head shot of Peter Silverleaf



Peter Silverleaf (Class of 1979)

Peter appeared as Great Master 'Elboneno' in the episode entitled 'Kill the boy'. He is arrested under the orders of Daenerys along with several of his peers, the heads of Meereen's great families. He is taken to the catacombs beneath the Great Pyramid and watches in horror as the two dragons, Rhaega and Viserion, burn and devour another Great Master.


Michael Shaeffer (Class of 1995) played a Stark solider in seasons 2 and 3.

Head shot of Michael Shaeffer Michael Shaeffer in role as a Stark soldier

Tom Hopper (ACT, 2006)
Appeared as Dickon Tarly (replacing actor Freddie Stroma).
However, in the episode “Eastwatch,” the bell tolled for Dickon, son of Lord Randyll Tarly, who lost badly to Daenerys’s armies, refused to bend the knee, and then was burned alive  by her dragon, Drogon. 
This seems to be a recurring theme for our Rose Bruford alumni!

Tom Hopper as Dickon Tarly Dickon Tarly on

Talking of dragons:  

Dragonheart Vengeance (2020)

   Cover for Dragonheart vengeance  


Lukas, a young farmer whose family is killed by savage raiders in the countryside, sets out on an epic quest for revenge, forming an unlikely trio with a majestic dragon and a swashbuckling, sword-fighting mercenary Darius, played by Joseph Millson, class of 1995 .  

The chronicles of Narnia

Barbara Kellerman (Class of 1972)
portrayed the White Witch in the BBC production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Hag in the BBC Prince Caspian in 1989, and the Lady of the Green Kirtle in the BBC's The Silver Chair .

Barbara Kellerman as the White witch Cover for The chronicles of Narnia Barbara Kellerman as Lady of the Green Kirtle


Ruth Connell (ACT, 2002) appeared in 33 episodes between 2014-20 as Rowena McLeod.

Head shot of Ruth ConnellRuth Connell as Rowena McLeod, reading a scroll Ruth Connell as Rowena McLeod
As Rowena Ruth had her neck snapped by Lucifer, but was resurrected; she was killed by Lucifer a second time and had her body burnt to try and prevent another resurrection. However, she was resurrected again, though she did take a long time to recover from the damage Lucifer caused. She was possessed by an Archangel, then exorcised. Finally, after God opens Hell and unleashes all of the souls inside, Rowena chooses to sacrifice herself to send everything back. After removing her Resurrection Seal, Rowena is stabbed and mortally wounded at her own request by Sam. With her last act, Rowena draws all of the souls and demons into herself using a spell from the Book of the Damned and sacrifices herself to throw them back into Hell. 
Rowena MacLeod | Supernatural Wiki | Fandom

Dagon (2001)

A boating accident runs a young man and woman ashore in a decrepit Spanish fishing town which they discover is in the grips of an ancient sea god and its monstrous half human offspring.

Macarena Gómez Traseira (ACT, 1999) plays the part of mermaid-like priestess Uxía Cambarro.
Macarena Gomez as mermaid priestess

Star Wars

Anthony Daniels 2011.jpg Anthony Daniels (Class of 1974) 
Best known for playing C-3PO in all 11 Star Wars films. He is the only actor to have been involved / appeared in all theatrical films in the series, all canon animated television shows, as well as many of their spin-offs, including video games, and radio serials etc. 

Head shot of Tom Edden

Tom Edden [Smith] (ACT, 2000) 
portrayed a First Order Officer in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.  



Head shot of Sarah Douglas Sarah Douglas as supervillain Ursa from Superman film Sarah Douglas as Ursa using her 'laser eyes' 

Sarah Douglas (Class of 1974)
Played the Kryptonian supervillain Ursa in Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980). 

Her other prominent role was that of the evil Queen Taramis in the 1984 film Conan the Destroyer and she has had many other roles in science fiction films, such as Stargate.

 Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer                  Stargate

Sarah Douglas as Queen Taramis Sarah Douglas as Stargate

Space 1999  

Space: 1999 was a science-fiction television programme that ran for two series from 1975 to 1977 and was the most expensive series produced for British television up to that time.

Anthony Stamboulieh

Anthony Stamboulieh (Class of 1962) played the part of George Crato in The Lamda factor (1976).

Prentis Hancock in Space 1999 Space 1999 cast

Prentis Hancock (Class of 1966)
was a regular cast member of the first season of Space: 1999 as Paul Morrow, base second in command and Main Mission controller

Anton Phillips in Space 1999

Anton Phillips (Class of 1971)
A Jamaican-born British actor who found success appearing in British television. He remains best known for his role as Dr. Bob Mathias, deputy medical officer, in the science fiction series Space 1999.

Warum die UFOs ..

DVD cover for Warum die UFOs

Warum die UFOs unseren Salat klauen (1980)   
A biologist has succeeded in growing a particularly energy-rich lettuce and now the whole world wants to get hold of the product.

Pavla Ustinov (Class of 1975)
Editor, producer, writer, director. Daughter of Peter Ustinov, and an actress in her own right. Acted in the above film as a 'UFO Ingenieurin'.

Pavla Ustinov in Warum die UFOs

Dr Who

  Tom Baker as Dr Who   

Tom Baker (Class of 1961)

"It was through taking part in the medical corps’ amateur
dramatics at Christmas that Tom discovered a tiny talent to
make people laugh, and after demob a librarian helped him
apply to drama schools. The first one he visited, Rose
Bruford College in Sidcup, impressed him by its idyllic
country house atmosphere, so he looked no further. He
embarked on the college’s traditional courses of breathing,
movement and group exercises, but they didn’t suit his
individual talent so eventually he dropped out. However,
two encounters at Rose Bruford had fundamental effects 
on the rest of his life. The first was meeting Laurie Taylor
(later a Professor of Sociology at York and a regular 
presenter on BBC Radio 4), and the second was meeting
and marrying a fellow student."
(From the Tom Baker official website).
The Library has  Tom Baker at 80 in its CD collection and 
Who on earth is Tom Baker?  amongst its book-stock.

Tom Baker in Dr Who, wearing trademark hat and scarf Tom Baker as Dr Who in front of the police box


Prentis Hancock (Class of 1966) in Planet of evil episodes of Dr Who (1975) and, far right, with Tom Baker.

  Prentis Hancock in Dr Who   Prentis Hancock in Dr Who  Prentis Hancock and Tom Baker in Dr Who

Edward Peel (Class of 1994) 
Played Kane, the main villain in the Doctor Who serial Dragonfire                

Edward Peel in Dr Who Edward Peel in Dr Who
Kiran Dadlani (Class of 1996) (L) 
appeared in the episode of Dr Who entitled Kezzia

Tor Clark (Class of 1997) (R) 
played the female  teacher in the
Dr Who story Let's Kill Hitler.
    Kiran Dadlani in Dr Who Tor Clark in Dr Who

Red Dwarf

Francesca Folan (Class of 1981)
appeared as Hologram Camille in the episode entitled Camille, 1991.
Rimmer and Kryten rescue Camille, a female android from a passenger ship that has crash landed. Kryten falls in love with Camille, only to learn Camille is not who she appears to be, and finds she can shape-shift into Kochanski, a female Rimmer and the Cat.
Camille episode (see about 10mins in)

Yasmin Bannerman (Class of 1993) made a few appearances on Red Dwarf 'as the hottest Ground Controller for 20 light years'.

Yasmin Bannerman in Red Dwarf

Tell me about your appearance on RED DWARF - had you seen the show previously?

Oh, yes! How could you not have seen Red Dwarf? It was just the coolest thing. Shooting it took just one day, it was the smallest thing - but all my friends were well impressed. 'You're doing Red Dwarf!? Oh man!' I was really excited about it - I was so nervous. [But] I actually didn't meet any of the cast, because I was in my booth...

Like many actors, I don't like watching myself on television, but it's so funny. I did laugh a lot. And it was really interesting to see the way it all shaped up, especially considering I hadn't been there to see what was going on. I'd just read the script - and it was just a hilarious script, the writing is absolutely fantastic.

X-Men First class  

Beth Goddard

Beth Goddard (Class of 1989) as Mrs Xavier in X-Men: First class

[first lines] 

Charles Xavier : Mother. What are you... I thought you were a burglar. 
Mrs. Xavier : I didn't mean to scare you, darling. I was just getting a snack. Go back to bed. What's the matter? Go on, back to bed.I, I'll make you a hot chocolate. 
Charles Xavier : Who are you? And what have you done with my mother? 
Charles Xavier : [telepathically in her mind]  My mother has never set foot in this kitchen in her life. And she certainly never made me a hot chocolate, unless you count ordering the maid to do it.

[Mrs Xavier nervously changes into a scared blue-skinned girl

Dune (2021)

Gloria Obianyo (AM, 2016) plays Harah in the new Dune movie.

Zombie movies

Rezort (2015)

After humanity wins a devastating war against zombies, the few remaining undead are kept on a secure island, The ReZort, where they are hunted for sport. When something goes wrong with the island's security gates, the zombies attack the guests and the world faces the possibility of a new outbreak.

Lawrence Walker in Rezort  Cover for Rezort

Jassa Ahluwalia as Jack and Lawrence Walker (ACT, 2014) as Alfie, two teenage video-gamers.

Cockneys vs. Zombies 

Head shot of David Ajao Cover for Cockneys vs Zombies with David Ajao

Shaun of the dead (2004) 

Kate Ashfield (Class of 1993)


Kate plays Liz, one of the main characters in this 2004 zombie
apocalypse, as the (ex-)girlfriend of the main protagonist, Shaun . 

Liz - Fandom                                                                    






  Kate Ashfield in Shaun of the Dead

Kate Ashfield with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wielding weapons in Shaun of the Dead  DVD cover for Shaun of the Dead Kate Ashfield in Shaun of the Dead

Zombease: The pits of Hell (2013)

Cover for film Zombease Featuring Daniel Osgerby (ACT, 1997) 
and Mandy Lalley (ACT, 1996) who also co-directed.

The end of the world in You, me and the apocalypse

When a group of ordinary people learn that an eight-mile-wide comet is on a collision course with Earth, they hunker beneath the town of Slough to watch the end of the world on television.

Matthew Baynton (DIR, 2003) stars as mild-mannered Slough Bank Manager Jamie who is in a rut - albeit a very organized one - and consumed by grief for his missing wife.

DVD cover for You me and the Apocalypse Matthew Baynton in You me and the Apocalypse

"You, Me and the Apocalypse surprised me at nearly every turn -- the characters shine, the plot is a bottle rocket, the scope is epic, and the tricky balance between quirky visual gags and tragic poignancy is downright masterful."

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