Rose Bruford alumni & staff - theatre companies

Companies created by Rose Bruford alumni or staff or associated with Rose Bruford college.

Bite the Hand 
Founded May 2014 by Harry Owens (ACT, 2014) and Tom Fletcher (ETA, 2014).

Blind Tiger Theatre Company 
Founders: David Shopland, Callum Hughes, Jennifer Johnson and Claire Sharpe, RBC graduates ATA, 2011

Bohemians Theatre Company
Artistic Director: Benjamin Mowbray (AM, 2018); Assistant Director: Elliott McKenzie (AM 2018); with Joel Nash (AM 2018) and Abigail Middleton (AM 2018).

Border Crossings 
Artistic Director: Michael Walling, RBC Visiting Professor

British Intervention
Founders: James Francis, Aiden Ross and Tommy Pullen, (all ETA 2015).

Brother Wolf
Founder (1998) and Artistic Director James Hyland (THT, 1996).

Burning Oak 
Artistic Director: Julian Jones, RBC Senior Lecturer; Workshop leader: Thomasina Unsworth, RBC Senior Lecturer

Chaskis Theatre
Team Chaskis include: Josie Dunn (Founding Director), Maddy Hill (Co-Founder); Imogen Hudson Clayton (Associate Director), Teya Lanzon (Associate Producer), Alex Mugnaioni (Artistic Director), Huw Parmenter (Artistic Director), Raymi Ortuste Quiroga (Artistic Director);
Associate artists include: Adam Boakes, Lousie Coulthard, Joey Hickman, Beth Lockhart, Amy Mallett, and David Zoob.

Chickenshed Theatre 
Artistic Director: Lou Stein, RBC Visiting Professor

Collectif Malunés (France/Belgium)
A Franco-Belge circus company founded in 2009. Includes RB Alumni Luke Horley (ETA, 2008)

Découpage Collective (France)
Members include Léa Richard (co-director) (ETA, 2016), Marie-Laure Hay (co-director) (ETA, 2016), and Camille Remy while members of the Découpage Lab  include Florence Ward (MA Ensemble Theatre), Molly Khan (ETA, 2016), Si Garner (ETA, 2016) and Oscar Zito (Acting, 2016).

Dollybox Theatre
Founders: Lucy Barton (ETA, 2018) and Natalie Jane Hind.

Founded 2008. Artistic Director: John Ward, (DIR, 2008); Co-Director: David Hewson (Actor-musicianship, 2009). Stage Manager: Ceri Payne (SM, 2009). 

Fifty6 Ninety6 Theatre 
Co-founded by Carla Maskery nee Starkey (ETA, 2004).

Filskit Theatre Company
Founders: Katy Costigan, Victoria Dyson and Sarah Shephard, RB graduates ETA 2009.

Floods of Ink
Co-founded by Amber-Rose May (MA, 2013) and Laurence Alliston-Greiner (MA, 2013).

A creative partnership between James Grice (ETA, 2012) and Andrew Silverwood (ETA, 2012) and drawing on the expertise of Charlie Willis-Osborne (Technical Manager, Touring Technician & Associate Producer), Jasmine Macintosh (Associate Artist), and Alex Bradford (Technical Producer).

Fringe Wives Club (Australia)
Founded by Tessa Waters, Victoria Falconer and Rowena Hutson (ETA, 2008).

Frystiklefinn / The Freezer hostel & cultural centre (Iceland)
Set up by Kári Viðarsson (ETA, 2009) in his hometown of Rif to bring culture and theatre back to rural Iceland.

Graeae Theatre Company 
Artistic Director: Jenny Sealey, RBC Honorary Fellow

Hikapee Theatre (Circus theatre)
Founded in 2014 by Bryony Livesy (ATA, 2012) and Edd Casey (ETA, 2012).

House of Q (The)
Comprised of "burlesque vixen Felicity Furore, musical magician Neil Kelso and gender-bending clown Alexander Luttley" (ETA, 2012) CLiKD creative video interview

Intrepid Ensemble (currently in hiatus)
Members include: Matthew Woodford (ETA, 2012), Sean Hollands (ETA, 2014), Alexander Luttley [Park] (ETA, 2012), James Newton (ETA, 2014), Nicholas Halliwell (ETA, 2012), and Jack Dorning (ETA, 2014).

The UK's first ethnically diverse improvisational theatre company, founded by Sunny Dhap and featuring Jade Samuels (Acting, 2013).

Kali Theatre 
Artistic Director: Janet Steel, RBC Fellow

Lab Collective (The)Interactive theatre makers
The team comprises:  Joe Thorpe (Directing, 2007), Natalie Scott (ETA, 2007), Neil Connoly (Acting, 2007), Antigoni Spanou (ETA, 2007) and Amy Fleming.
Have also teamed up with Nomad Creative Studio to create The Flypit which provides rehearsal, photography and workspace for creative, collaborative artists.

Founders: Leah Georges (ETA, 2011) and Oliver Theobald (ETA, 2011).

Living House Theatre  
Members include Leoni Amandin (Stäubli), Paige-Marie Baker-Carroll, Lucy Barton, Ariane Carless, Alice Cockayne, Donald Craigie, Curtis Gault, Rebecca Harland (Howard), Tiffer Hutchings, Grace Lockwood, Claudia de Luna, Lydia Markham, Alex McLeod, Sandra Miret, Sam Murphy, Heta Nikula, Daniella Sanderson, Grace Scott, Holly Taylor-Zuntz, Luke Vincent, Phoebe Wagner and Eliza Walton, all RB Alumni (ETA 2018)

Lobster Frock (Surrealist, feminist theatre company)
Founders: Kirsty Blewett (ETA, 2015) and Christine Mears (ETA, 2017).

London Bubble 
Company Design Associate: Pip Nash, RBC Senior Lecturer

Lost and Rambling Collective 
Founded in early 2015 by Aimée Holmes (ETA, 2009) and joined by Lindsay Hughes, Callum English and Joe Hollis.

Madcap Coalition
Includes the Chair, Heather Gilmore (CTA, 1980) and in charge of performance and workshop development, Rankine MacFarlane (CTA, 1980).

Made from Scratch 
Artistic Directors: Euan Borland (ACT, 2009) and Hannah Pierce (ACT, 2009).

Founders: Gemma Rowan (ETA, 2005) and Ixchel Rubio Martinez (ETA, 2005).

Nonsuch Theatre and Freerange Studios
Director: Edward Boott (ETA, 2013)

Obra Theatre (France)
Two core members, Kate Hannah Papi (ETA, 2003) and Oliviero Papi. Theatre in residence at Au Brana (France).

Old Sole Theatre Company
Founded in 2014 by James Hunter (ATA, 2014) and Jon Parry (ATA, 2014), and joined later by Darius Thompson (ATA, 2014).

Ordinary People (The)
Includes Grace Scott (ETA, 2018) and others.

Page One Theatre 
Members include: Chloe Stevens (RB lecturer), Miles Mitchell (ETA, 2010), Stefanie Sommer (ETA, 2012).

Pan Intercultural Arts 
Artistic Director: John Martin, RBC Visiting Professor

Panta Rei
Founded in 2009 as a collective of international artists aka The Pantas: Artistic Director Chiara D'Anna (RB Associate Lecturer) Almudena Segura, Juancho Gonzalez, Stephanie Lewis, Tommy Scott-Williamson, Anna Zehentbauer, Alexander Roberts, Kari Vidasson (RB alumni) and Jessica Tyler. 
Chiara d'Anna (RB Associate Lecturer) Videos and Videos

PappyShow (The)     
Artistic Director: Kane Husbands (ETA, 2009). RB Spotlight on ...

Quartertoo Ensemble
Founders: Glenn Tillin (Actor-Musicianship, 2005; MA TYA) and Kitty Myers (Actor-Musicianship, 2003).

Rapture Theatre
Founded in 2000 by Michael Emans (DIR, 1995).

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia under the direction of Johan Bark (ETA, 2017). The company includes performers
Michael Blundell-Lithco, Chris Mawson, Ciaran Hammond, Tom King, Benjamin Ecclestone and  Molly Hemsley (all ETA, 2017) with Daniel Spreadborough (Lighting Design) and Abigail Screen (Theatre/Set Design).

Rooftop Productions (Hong Kong)
Founded 2014 by Ivor Houlker (ETA, 2011) and Michelle Li.

Root Experience (children's theatre company)
Artistic Director: Simon Magnus (ETA, 2005)

Setesdal Collective (British-Norwegian)
Members include: Markus Tarasenko Fadum (LD, 2016), Marie-Laurie Hay, Kristine Grændsen (ETA, 2016) and Johnathon Parkins (ETA, 2016). Norwegian Arts interview

Shady Dolls
Founded in 2004 by Laura Churchill, Polly Henson and Rebecca Pollock, three female graduates of the ATA programme.

Sing Together
Two companies run by APT lecturer Emma Bond.

Sing Together Ltd. specialises in forming creative partnerships with theatres e.g. The Orchard Theatre and The Churchill Theatre.

Nightingale Music is a non-profit organisation specialising in providing creative opportunities for adults with additional needs and their carers. 

Sisters of Eden: an ensemble of feminist performance
Founded by Shannon Mulvey, Georgia James and Scarlett O’Reilly, (all ATA 2016). 

Sleepwalk Collective (Spain)
Members include: Iara Solana Arana (Spain), Malla Sofia Long [Mustonen] (Finland) and Sammy Metcalfe (UK) (all ETA graduates, 2006). Reviews: The Reviews Hub

Smoking Apples 
Molly Freeman (ETA, 2010), Matt Lloyd (ETA, 2010) and Hattie Thomas (ETA, 2010).

Spindrift Project (Iceland)
Members include Corrinne Curtis (ETA, 2009)

Talawa Theatre Company 
Founder: Yvonne Brewster, RBC Fellow; former Artistic Directors: Ben Thomas, Paulette Randall, RBC Fellows

Tamasha Theatre Company 
Founder: Kristine Landan-Smith , contributor to RBC's Contemporary Directions project. Founded with Sudha Buchar.

Tara Arts
Artistic Director: Jatinder Verma, RBC Honorary Fellow

Theatre Obscura
Founded by Amerie Rose and Samantha Wraith (ETA, 2005). Samantha is also Chair of Trustees at Root Experience (see above).

Theatre of Black Women 
Founders: Bernardine Evaristo, Patricia Hilaire, Paulette Randall.

Unexpected Places    
Artistic Director: Rosanna Sloan (ETA, 2012); Producer: Becky Mills (Acting part-time)

Volvas (The)    
The Völvas are a gaggle of feminists, that write, devise, and create theatre and visual art from a feminist stand point. The cast comprises MJ Ashton (ATA, 2016), Ellamae Cieslik (ATA, 2016), Ingunn Lara Kristjánsdóttir (ATA, 2014),  Sarah Jeanpierre (ATA, 2013) and Sian Brett with Magnus Kayser (ATA, 2016).

Wardrobe Ensemble (The)
Members include: Tom Brennan (ATA, 2014), and James Newton (ETA, 2014).

Watermill Theatre
A converted Watermill in rural West Berkshire, which seats just 220 people.
Artistic Director is Paul Hart (DIR, 2008) and one of the Associate Artists is Tarek Merchant (AM, 2008). Members of the Watermill Ensemble include Joey Hickman (AM, 2011), Lucy Keirl (AM, 2015), Peter Mooney (AM, 2014), Lauryn Redding (AM, 2009), Ned Rudkins-Stow (AM, 2015), Max Runham (AM, 2012), Mike Slader (AM, 2009), and Tom Sowinski (AM, 2014)

We are a Real theatre company
Creatives: Ivor Houlker (ETA, 2011), James Hodgson (ETA, 2011) and Jake (Jacob) Harrison (ETA, 2011).

Whatnot Theatre
Founders: Emma-Claire Blythe/Emma Cox (ETA, 2015) and Lucy Hoult

WrongSemble (child friendly theatre)
Founded 2015 and including writer/director Elvi Piper (ETA, 2011). Spotlight on ...

Director: Jorge Lopes-Ramos (ETA, 2004)
see also videos of a couple of works performed while at Rose Bruford:

     Don't feed the lions
     Performed in a men's toilets, Rose Bruford College.

     Honey Baby
     Performed on a South-East train from London to Sidcup & back


TYSongs (USA)
A British song-writing production team comprising Owen Thomas (MUSTECH, 2005) and Lily-May Young (ETA, 2005).

111 Collectif
Supporting the arts charity and private sector in fund raising, development and digital and creative management. The team includes James Hodgson (ETA, 2011).

SoundBoxed Collective (disbanded)

Theatre KinAesthetic (disbanded)


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