Copyright, Digitization, Scanning & Recording

Guidance on Copyright related matters that you should make yourself aware of:

Licensing - what you need to know (ppt)

Digitisation / Scanning

If you want items (book chapters, journal articles) scanned so your students can access them fromyour Moodle course page
then you need to read the Regulations. Requests can be submitted via the Request form,but e-mail the College Librarian first
to ensure you are set up with an account in the Digital Content Store (see the Uer guide).

Digitisation and Scanning regulations

Academic Request form - Digital Content Store

Academic Request form - user guide

Copyright Licence 

CLA Higher Education licence (URL)

CLA "What can be copied - check permissions" search tool (URL)

CLA Good practice guide - course packs (URL)

Other copyright information

JISC copyright guide for students (URL)

Recording lectures - legal guidance from JISC (URL)

JISC Legal: Library policy regarding DVD loans/viewing (URL)

BUFVC Guidelines for citing audio and sound (URL)

WATCH database (URL)
A database of copyright contacts for writers, artists, and prominent people in other creative fields. 

Music copying

In the majority of cases the photocopying of sheet/written music is ILLEGAL.

The Music Publisher's Association guidelines (URL)
only applies to UK publications where the copyright owner is listed as a signatory of the code.

Music Publishers Association copying guidelines (2016) (URL)

You are NOT allowed to copy whole works, movements or songs
You are NOT allowed to copy from a number of publications to compile an anthology.

You are only allowed to make a copy of an extract in an emergency (e.g. when there is no time to replace a damaged copy), to aid personal performance (e.g. for page turning) or for private study and research.

Under no circumstances does the code allow for the copying of whole works.

Music and copyright (or “Stealing from musicians is ok, right?”) (URL)