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Click-and Collect service

The Library is not open for drop-in access at present: all entry must be by appointment only. There is a Click-and Collect service in operation with pick-up times in half-hour slots.

There is no casual, drop-in access to the Library: all visits should be by appointment only.

To acquire books and other items you should use the Click-and-Collect service.

Log in to the Library Catalogue.
Your library barcode is your College ID number and the PIN is the last four digits of the ID number.

Then when you search for the books (and click on a title) there will be an option to Reserve.
Just select Rose Bruford as the pick-up location (and ignore the boxes with the dates in).

Once library staff have located the books they will issue them to you and e-mail you to ask you to select a pick-up time (or you could e-mail this to Library staff after you make the reservation).

Some items may not be available to reserve via the online catalogue so if that is the case just e-mail us the details and we will pick them off the shelves for you.


Click and collect slots:

Monday - Friday at 9.45-10.15, 11.45-12.15, 13.45-14.15 and 15.45-16.15.

Please be sure to keep your appointment time or notify staff in good time if you cannot.This information will be recorded and kept in case it is needed for any track-and-trace request we receive.

Please use a mask when entering the Library, and maintain social distancing at all times.


E-mail or e-mail the College Librarian directly:

There is a Tawk-to widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page which you can use to chat to or send a message to the Librarian.

If there is something urgent the College Librarian can be contacted on 02083082635.



Access to Study Support staff and to the Research Office is by appointment only and they will also record details of visits for any track-and-trace request.


If using the open access IT room the onus is on you to manage your own safety: wear a mask, do not congregate together, and be sure to wipe down equipment before (and after) use.


Keep up to date with the college's policies and guidelines on the Corona Virus Updates page

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