angle-left Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month - remembering wars past and lives lost

Union jack flag blowing in a wind










Abide with me / Evening Hymn and Last Post


The war begins

World War 1 - BBC remembrance site   Britain's entry into war: WWI soldiers marching, & reflected in water


Signing up

Recuitment of the young    Recruitment

Britain needs you! - from the BBC: World War I remembered site

Article cover for I didnlt raise my bot






She Didn't Raise Her Boy to Be a Slacker: Motherhood, Conscription, and the Culture of the First World War 

from JSTOR's Arts and Sciences collection III which can be found in the Journal subscriptions section of the Library's VLE pages.









Goodbyee - iamge from film Oh what a lovely war


   "Goodbyee" from Oh, what a lovely war!







British Pathe newsreel footage - WWI soldiers going over the top


   Battle of the Somme Video from British Pathé on YouTube 
   in the Library's Audiovisual Film & Video resources

   "Jeffery and Robert and I" a Simon Hopper song inspired by
   a trip with two friends to the battle sites of the Somme.





A collection of World War I DVDs in library stock

DVD cover of Journey's end DVD cover for My boy JackDVD cover of Passing bells






Involvement of the Empire/ Commonwealth in World War I


DVD cover for GallipoliDVD cover for film Water divinerDVD cover for All the King's men



WWI - the world's war (BBC)
The contribution of black people and colonial troops to WWI:

How the colonies made WWI a global war
The Chinese labour corp in WWI
The African-American war hero who had to fight for France
Indian soldiers and friendship in WWI
The Indian flying ace of WWI


Oh what a lovely war!

Book cover of Joan's bookBook cover of Thetare Workshop









Cover of music score & CD for Oh what a lovely war  DVD cover for Oh what a lovely war












Oh, What a Lovely War! is an epic musical developed by Joan Littlewood 
and her ensemble at the Theatre Workshop in 1963 as a satire on World War 1.
The Library has a DVD, CD and several scores for Oh, What a lovely war
in its DVD, CD and SCORES collections.


"The war game is continuous": productions and receptions of
Theatre Workshop's Oh, What a lovely war in
Studies in Musical Theatre from EBSCOhost's 
 International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance
which can be found in the Journal subscriptions section of the Library's VLE pages.

The sounds of war

Hush, here comes a whizz-bang, from Oh, What a lovely war

Film clip of Hush here comes a whizz bang, from Oh what a lovely war

   What did World War I sound like? 
   BBC site recreating some of the sounds of war.
   See also the Library's collection of Sound Effects CDs.






Casualties of war

Casualties of war  Wounded









Battle of the Somme audio file

All quiet on the Western front


German soldier - film clip from All quiet on the western front













All quiet on the western front 

Film and International Politics: The Banning of "All Quiet on the Western Front"  
in Germany and Austria, 1930-1931 from Historian 52.1 in JISC Journal Archives





Article facsimile page





   Savo, J. (1944, Jun 01). It wasn't a small man's war. 
   Vogue, 103, 124-124, 178, 179.
   Retrieved from The Vogue Archive 
   found in the Journal subscriptions section of the Library's VLE pages








Image for 12 million letters








The trenches

Image of WWI soldiers in the trenches









Voices of the First World War: Trench life (Imperial War Museum)

The Christmas truce, 1914

English and German soldiers from WWI shaking hands



   The Christmas truce 1914, from Oh, What a lovely war

   The Christmas Truce 






   "The lion in blinkers" by Austin Harrison in The English Review,
   January 1915
   Facsimile reproduction from ProQuest's British Periodicals 1681-1937









Project reveals misery of Germans in wartime London

East London and West Essex Guardian Series (Highams Park-Epping, England) - October 14, 2014. Author: Zoie O'Brien
Newsbank available via Bexley Libraries' online resources

World War I - Fashion

Fashion images from the First World War in the Berg Fashion Library
on the Costume Resources page of the Library's VLE

Berg Fashion Library - First World War   Womens fashion from WWI



















Uniforms for women - an e-book from the Berg Fashion Library


Animals in war

Animals of WWI - image of dog waering coat decorated with medals








Tribute to WWI animals - solider cradling horse's head








Animals in war - WWI Video from  British Pathé on YouTube 
in the Library's Audiovisual  Film & Video resources.


There are also several DVDs on War Horse as a stage production
and as a film (by Speilberg), as well as a Making of ... DVD.


War horse - SpielbergWar horse - MorpugoWar horse - making of







The end of the war

World War 1 - how did it end? 
Video from British Pathé on YouTube 
in the Library's Audiovisual Film & Video resources    

Soldier with dirtied face in trench








First World War poetry

"Stand in the Trench, Achilles: Classical Receptions in British Poetry of the First World War" in English Studies from EBSCOhost's International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance

There are several books of poems from the War Poets of the First World War.

See also the First World War Poetry Digital Archive from Oxford University Press.

  War poet: Rupert Graves War poet - Wilfred OWen  War poet - Ivor Gurney

               Rupert Graves                     Wilfred Owen                    Ivor Gurney

   War poet - Siegfried Sassoon War poet - Vera Brittain  War poet - Thomas

             Siegfried Sassoon                        Vera Brittain                        Edward Thomas


Remembrance poppies















Poppies of Remembrance at the Tower of London

















Wooden crosses and poppies











The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended...


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