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EBSCOhost IBTD, e-books, e-book Classics, Mobile app etc. (EBSCOhost)
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150 full-text journals and 330 books provided via EBSCOhost.
Also a small e-book collection and some free classics.

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JSTOR Arts & Sciences collection III  (JSTOR Advanced Search)
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152 main titles drawing on journals across the language, performing, and visual arts, including all titles in the Music collection.

Aesthetica magazine
In-depth features foreground today’s most innovative practitioners across art, design, photography, architecture, music and film.
Contact College Librarian for username and password.

Critical Stages
From the International Association of Theatre Critics/Association internationale des critiques de théâtre.

Exact Editions - Performing Arts Collection
Online access to The Stage, Dancing Times, Drama & Theatre, Plays International, Opera and Opera Now.

New Left Review archive
A 160-page journal published every two months from London, New Left Review analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history and philosophy; cinema, literature, heterodox art and aesthetics. All articles published since 1960 are available on the website

Theatre Record
Reprints in full all the national drama critics' reviews of the latest productions in and out of London.

VASTA journals
The College Library has signed up to be a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Therapy Association). As part of this membership we have personal access to a number of journals on the Taylor & Francis publisher platform.

The journals included are the Voice and Speech review,
Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (also on subscription)
RIDE: Research in Drama Education. 
Please contact the College Librarian about access.

Follow the link above and go to Member Login and use the username and password supplied to you.
Under publications go to Voice & Speech reveiw, then click on Member access to Routledge Journals. 
On the next page there is a largish blue button saying 'Online journal access for Vasta members'.
This will then take you to the T&F platform and list the journals you have access to.

Other journal resources


Access to Research
This is a resource that is only available from the public libraries, but it is designed to give members of the public access to research that many universities have. And getting membership of a public library is a lot easier nowadays: there isn't always the requirement to live, study or work in a borough.
This tells you which publishers are part of the scheme:
Publisher Page (
And this tells you which libraries participate in the scheme (though it is worth double-checking):

Bexley's magazine collection: Overdrive
Magazines include The Economist, New Scientist, Good Food, Good Housekeeping, House and Garden, Top Gear, and also Hello, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire etc. To access this you need to be a member of Bexley Libraries (which you are entitled to be).

Bexley's newspaper collection: Press Reader
Includes the major UK newspapers, but also international papers such as El Pais, ABC, Corriere della Sera, Washington Post, South China Morning Post, Hindustan Times, The Philippine Star, Toronto Star. 
And more magazines such as Forbes, Vogue, Variety, GQ, Science illustrated, Total Film, Esquire.
To access this you need to be a member of Bexley Libraries (which you are entitled to be).

Proquest databases

British Periodicals 1681-1937
The Vogue Archive

Brill Journal Archive (JISC)
JISC gives free online access to over fifty thousand articles from more than eighty journals published by Brill covering subjects such as biology, human rights, international law, and the social sciences.

Cambridge Journals Online
Full text access is only available for those journal titles that the library subscribes to e.g. New Theatre Quarterly. Please follow these instructions carefully in order to gain access:

Go to Log in the top right-hand corner.
Go to Institutional log in
If you are an Athens user, please proceed to the Athens Login page
Sign in using your College username and password.

Portico - preserving access to e-journals (mainly scientific ones).

Taylor & Francis Online
Click on Arts, then Theatre and Performance Studies (for more relevant titles).
Also see above for access to the VASTA journals on this paltform.

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