Online learning, health and well-being

Many of these resources were written and compiled at the onset of the first lockdown in March 2020. Some of the information may therefore be a little dated, but the bulk of it will still be relevant.

Online learning @KIS: Do this, not this!

But before you get carried away, take a read of this: Please do a bad job of putting your courses online.
It might help put your efforts into context!

And Don't forget the human side of homeworking (JISC)

Learning technology: a handbook - e-book on VLeBooks platform

Linked in learning - Rose Bruford College's own linked-in learning pages

Advice for those about to teach online – Tony Bates

Answers to questions about teaching online - Sage

CILT online teaching portal – resources for teaching online 

Considerations for moving your course online (City University)

Continuity plans from National Institute for Digital Learning at DCU

Creating an Online Class or Conference – Quick Tech Guide

Crowdsourcing: Teaching Online with Care –   Maha Bali and Mia Zamora

Engaging online students - resource list from McQuarrie University

McGraw Hill: Move your course online 

Novoresume: 2020 complete guide to remote work tips and techniques   

Online educator – MOOC from the OU and FutureLearn

Practical Teaching with Technology MOOC from University of London

QAA Guidance and Support - e.g. document on Practice & Lab-based Assessment

Studio teaching - during COVID19 - Australian Council of Art & Design Schools

Teaching performing arts during the pandemic - HowlRound Theatre Commons

Twitter thread from Sean Michael Morris

University of Windsor open page – educators talking about the tools they use


UCU guidance on working from home and teaching online

UNESCO online learning solutions

USITT Teaching Archive - online technical theatre resources in their Teaching Archive

World Lecture Project - A freely accessible online platform for delivering academic videos from faculties worldwide. As well as accessing lectures users can upload, embed and link content.


- tutorials on the lighting software  (from our own James Simpson)


LTHE chat - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education chat site (Wednesdays 8-9pm)


Remote working 

Manage participation in your virtual meeting 

Remote working: setting yourself and your teams up for success 

Collaborative working in a remote team 

Remote line managing

CIPD coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for UK employers  

ACAS working from home 

A guide to managing your (newly) remote workers 

Protecting your vulnerable employees at this crucial time 

How employers are taking care of their workers during COVID-19 

Coronavirus: five ways to be a better manager when working from home 

Preparing for emergency remote working 

Getting the most from remote working 

The 5 ways we build trust on a fully remote team and why it's so valuable 

5 remote work lessons learned from Asia 

C&T Prospero Digital
C&T has been developing its own theatre-based Online Distance learning platform,, a platform to enable distance learning in the performning arts.  They are currently taking steps to make Prospero as accessible as possible and have introduced new Prospero licenses, one for Individual users and another ‘Pro’ package designed for institutional use so universities, schools and cultural organisations can make and share their own online interactive resources with their students and participants. They call these ‘Producer’ accounts. The Individual account will be £4.99 a month and the new Pro license will be £795 per year, reduced from the previous Pro package prices of £3-£5K.


Health and well-being


UCU's guide to Taking care of yourself - supporting your mental health

Taking care of yourself - Covid-19 guidance

Notes from the SHP remote working and mental health webinar (thanks to Philip Jarvis)

People think at first they know how to home work, but lots of issues come up:

Anxiety and feeling lost. 
Decrease in home work balance,
Missing seeing colleagues,
Less visibility of staff
Lack of motivation and focus
Easy to feel you haven’t achieved anything for the day
Risk of burnout
Financial concerns,
Anxiety about catching the virus
Physical/musculoskeletal issues - as no one is working in ideal circumstances.

Tips for managers:
Agree what needs to be done at the beginning of the day or
Have a chat at the end of the day so staff feel positive.
What is sensible, what do members of your team want, to achieve,
Work methodically through a to do list.
Focus on what we can control
Have regular contact with your team.
Provide kindness and support - everyone is worried.


Remote work burnout (Fingerprint for Success)
16 surprising stats on remote work burnout

Online resources



Future Learn - Emotional intelligence at work 

Future Learn - Motivation and engagement in an uncertain world 

Future Learn - People management skills

Future Learn - Work-life balance and the impact of remote working 


Industry Minds (mental health support for the creative arts)

Mental Health at work

Mental Health at work commitment

Mental Health Foundation - Looking after your mental health


MIND COVID-19 toolkit 

MIND resources on home working   

Old Vic: Study at home: wellbeing

Personnel Today Managers must improve mental health support during coronavirus crisis 

Plan for happiness, manage it and engineer it.

Recovery Village based but useful online information)


SHP ten top tips

Wellness - Action plans 

EBSCOhost: ACCEL5 videos (managing stress, focusing effectively, emotional & physical health etc.) 

TEAMS immersive reader learn how to read messages and assignments

Vimeo: Fast switch to e-learning

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