Rose Bruford alumni & staff - production & design companies

Companies created by Rose Bruford alumni or associated with Rose Bruford college.

All Scene, All Props (Specialist Builders for Theatre & The Arts)
Founded by Piers Ross (SA, 1999) and Danny Hayter (SA, 1999).

Babbling Vagabonds
Founded c.2000 by Mark Hornsey (Theatre Design, 1998) and Phil Coggins (Directing, 1997).

Freelancer Charlie Morgan Jones (Lighting Design, 2011) who has worked as lighting designer on Derren Brown: underground (UK tour, 2017) and Avenue Q (UK &International tour, 2017-19).

Elektra Lighting
An award-winning lighting design consultancy established in March 2000. The team includes Agostina Califano (Lighting design, 2014).

Joshua Drualus Pharo
Josh Pharo (Lighting Design, 2010).

Markus Tarasenko Fadum
Founder: Markus Tarasenko Fadum (Lighting Design, 2016).

Orbital Sound
A creative, technical and logistical force specialising in sound. Members include Mike Thacker (SM, 2003) as Head of Project Engineering and Ian Skinner (PS, 2016) as a Project Engineer.

Quantum Creative
Founded in 2016 as a design partnership between Joe Lott, Matthew Kemp and Andrew Bruce (all CLC, 2016).

Rigging Team
Adam Searle (LD, 2000) is Managing Director.

Ryan Joseph Stafford (Lighting Design, 2018).

Sarah Readman 
Founder: Sarah Readman (Lighting Design, 2013).

Satore Studio

The team includes Muly Yechezkel (Lighting Design, 2011) as Events Lighting Director. He was lighting designer for the visual artist Tupac Martir's live music event in 2019. About.

Studio Fractal
Award winning lighting designers combining architectural and engineering thinking. The team includes Luke Dowding (Lighting Design, 2015) and Alex Lang (Lighting Design, 2011)

Supreme Sound & Lighting
Founded by Shane Burke (LD, 2011) to provide sound, lighting, video services, lasers, special effects and staging.

TSL Lighting     
Provides lighting and rigging equipment and services to a wide range of live events. The team includes Emilie Cheshire (Lighting Design, 2013).



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