Aristotle: Poetics [Project Gutenberg]

Sophocles: Oedipus (trans. McGuinness) [Drama Online]

Oedipus the King
Broadcast: BBC2, Tuesday, 16 Sep 1986, 20:30 (130 mins)
Directed by Don Taylor.
The city of Thebes is suffering from pestilence and famine. A priest seeks help from King Oedipus on behalf of the people. Creon, his brother-in-law, brings a message from the Oracle at Delphi that there is something unclean in the city which must be rooted out. The murderer of the former king, Laius, has never been caught. Until he is, Thebes will continue to suffer. Oedipus undertakes the task unaware of the dreadful secrets he is about to uncover.

Oedipus at Colonus
Broadcast: BBC2, Wednesday, 17 Sep 1986, 20:50 (130 mins)
Many years later Oedipus - now an old man, blind, outcast - wanders through Greece guided by his daughter Antigone. He comes to Colonus, a sacred grove near Athens which he recognises as marked out by the gods as the spot where he will die. He longs for peace but his hopes are shattered as strife breaks out between his two sons and war threatens between Thebes and Athens.
NB: the quality of this recording is rather poor.

Sophocles: Antigone [four versions in Drama Online]

Antigone [NT production]

Broadcast: 24 Aug 2015, 00:05 (90 mins) on BBC4
Juliette Binoche plays the title role in Sophocles's tale of family loyalty, courage and tragedy in the Barbican's visionary English language translation by poet and classicist Anne Carson, directed by Ivo van Hove.

Broadcast: BBC2, Friday, 19 Sep 1986, 21:00 (115 mins).
The war is over. Both of Oedipus’ sons have been killed in the battle and Creon now rules supreme in Thebes, determined to establish law and order to save the state from further carnage. As a warning to any future rebel he decrees that the body of Polynices, who attacked the city, shall remain unburied, on pain of death for anyone who transgresses. Antigone, the dead man’s sister, decides to defy the decree.

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